Faculty | Brian Hennessey

Brian Hennessey

My name is Brian Hennessey and I want to help you to learn how to “failure proof” your real estate investments.


Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped investors purchase over $2Billion in real estate investments. From small owner/user buildings for business owners such as office, retail industrial, apartment buildings, to a $275M office building portfolio, as well as a 377-room full service hotel. I’ve been a commercial broker for over 23 years, an acquisition/disposition executive for 6 years and a syndicator and asset manager for 3 years.


The way I learned how to “failure proof” real estate investments is when I developed my system which I call the “Deep Dive” Due Diligence system, that I learned the hard way.


I know you can learn how to do this to because I’ve taught it to many other investors who have benefited and now swear by it. They wouldn’t even think about investing in a real estate deal without putting my system to work when conducting their due diligence on an investment property.

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