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Nick Lorenz and Todd Shillington

Creators of Millionaires In Motion

About the people behind Millionaires in Motion…


Expanding Business Networks to the Virtual World


Throughout their careers, both Nick and Todd have cultivated robust networks of real estate brokers, business brokers, developers, attorneys and lenders. They’ve built these valued relationships over 30 years — through industry events, personal affiliations and email marketing.


Through Millionaires in Motion, Nick and Todd expand that network and value to the virtual world.


Building on Personal Entrepreneurial Experience


In addition to their backgrounds in lending and real estate, both Nick and Todd have experience in business franchising. Todd was a successful regional franchisor, developing the Southern California region of a national home service franchise. Nick was one of the youngest franchisees in the fast food industry, owning two Sonics and the rights to Wings Stop in the San Diego area.


Capitalizing on Large Scale Marketing Know-How


Both Nick and Todd know how to build large scale market presence.


As chapter President of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Todd produced high impact trade shows for the mortgage lending industry. With over 120 exhibitors and 500 attendees and profiting over $100,000 each year — they were the most successful in local market history.


As a successful SBA lender, Nick achieved market dominance as Wells Fargo’s National #1 SBA lender. He then brought that expertise to Live Oak Bank to do the very same thing. Nick’s ability to view a business through the lens of the Small Business Administration, allows him to help entrepreneurs know exactly how to position themselves for SBA funding.


Leveraging on a Simple Equation: 1 + 1 = 3


Nick and Todd are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. In fact, they’re experts at bringing high quality people together to leverage the best in their niche. That’s what the Millionaires in Motion Faculty is all about — finding the right people for teaching and advice across every area of business.


At the heart of everything is one simple philosophy: You can’t just be a team of one because most people’s expertise doesn’t expand that wide.


That’s exactly why Nick and Todd created the Millionaires In Motion podcast and YouTube channel — to bring entrepreneurs together, inspire success, and teach the next generation.


Cheers to you Millionaire Nation!

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